Hamilton Scrap Yard – Scrap Metal Recycling Hamilton

Budget Iron and Metal is one of Hamilton’s largest scrap yards for scrap metal recycling. We host clients from across Southern Ontario who are looking to get the best prices for their scrap metal!

Whatever scrap metal you have, come visit us at Budget Iron and Metal. We are your one stop shop for all your Hamilto metal recycling needs.

Benefits of Hamilton Scrap Metal Recycling

Too often scrap metal just ends up in the dumpster. Whether from a small house renovation or a large commercial or industrial project, there is value in scrap metal and options to dispose of it safely. Simply throwing out your scrap metal has environmental and economic effects that can easily be avoided by bringing it to a scrap metal yard!

Our Hamilton scrap metal yard is proud to do its part to help the environment through recycling. Scrap metal recycling also boasts a number of other benefits, including:

  • Saving resources from producing new metals
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing water waste
  • Saving energy

There are also economic benefits of scrap metal recycling, including creating more jobs than a landfill would.

Still not convinced? Bringing your scrap metal to the landfill or incinerator doesn’t pay you cash. Bringing your scrap metal to a Hamilton scrap yard like Budget Iron and Metal will!

Why Budget Iron and Metal for Your Scrap Metal Recycling Hamilton?

We are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ return on scrap metal. Whether from a residential, industrial, construction, or commercial source, we want to ensure you get the best price for your scrap.

We take all types of metal for recycling, including aluminum, copper, iron, brass, steel, and lead. We take appliances of all types, as well as water pressure tanks, hot water tanks, water coolers, bathroom fixtures, cars, bicycles, and more.

Our Hamilton scrap yard is one of the largest in the area to prevent bottlenecks even when we are at our busiest. We provide you with a quick weigh in and payment no matter how busy we are!

Our weight scale allows you to drive right on, and we will measure the weight of your vehicle before and after the metal is unloaded. Our scale is calibrated and verified yearly by Measurements Canada to ensure we are providing accurate measurements.

Hamilton Scrap Metal Bin Rental

For large industrial or commercial clients, we also offer regular bin drop-off and pick-up. For our clients’ convenience, we can drop a bin off at their site, they fill it up with scrap metal, and we pick it up and provide the credit to them. No travel time, no worries, and no hassle!

Maximize your return on scrap with Budget Iron and Metal’s scrap metal drop off program in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

Contact Budget Iron and Metal in Hamilton

If you’re looking for scrap metal recycling in Hamilton, contact Budget Iron and Metal. We’re happy to talk to you about the best options for your bulk scrap metal, whether it be you coming to our Hamilton scrap yard or us providing a bin to you to fill.

At Budget Iron and Metal, we are passionate about our clients and believe nothing is more valuable than a long term customer. As part of the Budget Environmental family, you know that we are dedicated to providing the best service possible! At Budget Iron and Metal, that also means providing you with the best pricing for your scrap metal recycling in Hamilton.

Call us today at 289-639-9540 to speak to one of our representatives about your scrap metal. We’re here to help!