Scrap Steel Recycling

Scrap steel is one of the most common types of metal that we receive at our scrap yard in Hamilton. Whether structural steel, appliances, architecture, or automobiles, there is no shortage of scrap steel to be recycled.

If you have bulk scrap steel as a byproduct from your plant, factory, project, or company, Budget Iron and Metal will pay you cash for it!

We offer the best prices for scrap steel in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Whether you need it picked up or want to drop it off at our huge scrapyard downtown, Budget Iron and Metal is the place for you.

Scrap Steel Pick Up

At Budget Iron and Metal, we offer scrap steel pickup to customers in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and beyond. We offer scrap steel pick up in three easy steps:

  1. Get a bin – order a bin from us and we’ll deliver it to you on the same day
  2. Fill it up – fill it with scrap steel and call us to come pick it up
  3. Get paid – after we weigh the metal, we’ll pay you!

Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance typically comes from high chromium content. Scrap steel from construction sites, renovations, demolitions, and more will make you extra money on your job with no extra work.

Budget Iron and Metal for Scrap Steel Recycling

Whether you need to drop off your scrap metal or arrange for a bin for us to pick up, you know you’re getting the best prices for your scrap steel from Budget Iron and Metal. We know the value of your time and are dedicated to ensuring you can get paid as smoothly and quickly as possible!

For our up to date prices on scrap steel, visit our price calculator on our site (updated daily). If you have further questions or want more detailed information, contact us! The team at Budget Iron and Metal is here to help you get paid for your scrap steel.